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Fritz Exchange online currency exchange platform

Answering the needs of its clients, the Fritz Group has created Fritz Exchange – the online currency exchange platform
that is the result of professionalism as well as the highest level of innovativeness of our experts.

In its operations Fritz Exchange counts on safety and professionalism.

Therefore, while creating the online currency exchange platform, we have started cooperation with the most experienced companies from the IT and financial sector. The mission of Fritz Exchange is to deliver innovative solutions in the area of financial products which are to guarantee flexibility, mobility and simplicity of use.

When choosing Fritz Exchange you can be sure that your capital is in good hands.

Thinking about business clients we have created numerous benefits that include:

  • spreads that are tens of points lower than those offered by banks and traditional currency exchange offices. In the case of large transactions made by companies the savings can be really significant.

  • the possibility of additional negotiations of the currency exchange rate in the case of regular or large amounts exchanged (above 10,000 EUR)

  • guarantee of fast transactions – 90% of transactions are made within 15 minutes – and efficient service – thanks to constant support from Customer Service.

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Automatic Currency Exchange Machine

The automatic currency exchange machine is a device innovative on the European scale created as a response to the rapidly changing situation on the currency exchange market.

The automatic currency exchange machine works like a typical cashpoint – it enables direct currency exchange with no intermediaries 24 hours a day.

The machine uses the recycling of notes – the notes that are put in can be reused in another transaction. The machine can also function as a cashpoint available in 5 languages.

The currency exchange rates are updated every 5 minutes, which guarantees rates that are better than in a stationary exchange office. Clients can make transactions (including the cross ones) between 5 different currencies:

We invite everyone interested in the investment to cooperate with us and develop the network of automatic currency exchange machines.

More information: www.kantorautomatyczny.pl

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