We are the first and the only company in Poland that operates in the area of automatic currency exchange machines.

Fritz Group S.A. is the first company in Poland that provides a fully automatic and comprehensivesolution that is the future of the currency exchange sector. Currently we are developing the network of our machines across Poland. Thanks to their unique features these machines guarantee lower maintenance costs than in the case of a traditional currency exchange office and they enable offering clients more attractive exchange rates.

The Automatic Currency Exchange Machine is the culmination of many years of work and tests which guarantee the high quality and reliability of our solution. The fact that the machines are available 24 hours a day as well as their intuitive character translates into real profits for our partners.

The network of Automatic Currency Exchange Machines located across the whole country consists both of the devices that belong to the Fritz Group S.A. as well as the franchised machines.

We cooperate with those partners who run their own businesses or operate in the financial sector.

We support those who want to have an additional source of profits and widen the scope of their services.

Good examples of our potential partners are:

  • Payment collection agencies
  • Stationary currency exchange offices
  • Travel agencies
  • Pawnshops
  • Insurance agencies
  • Shopping centres and service points

To find out more about the franchise contact us by e-mail or by phone.